Problems loading a simple blink sketch ...

I've been away from Arduino for awhile (working in Python) and seem to be having some issues loading a simple blink sketch to a Nano board. It compiles OK but fails on upload. The message is "avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x1c". There are a set of 10 of these messages and a final message stating "An error occurred while uploading the sketch". How do I proceed? Appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks.

Do you have the correct driver for the USB chip on the bottom of the board?
Connect Reset to Gnd, and connect Rx to Tx (D0 to D1).
Open the serial monitor, and type something in. Does it get echoed back?

If it does not, check your driver, check that you are not using a Power only cable.

Not 100% sure I have the correct driver, can't read the chip writing to see exactly what USB chip is on the board. I'm running an older Meduino Nano board currently just to test a few things. My plan will be to run using an Adafruit Feather STM32F405 board but currently having issues getting that to load sketches. That's the board I've been using with CircuitPython. The upload method for sketches for the STM32F405 will be via the STM32CubeProgrammer (DFU) which currently requires you to manually set B0 to 3.3V to activate the Bootloader. This is where I'm still having issues getting it to work properly. But that's another issue.

Back to this problem. It DOES echo back chars. in the serial monitor. What does the "not in sync" error mean? And what is the next thing to look at? Thanks for any help.

  • Just a note I'm running Arduino 1.8.13 on a Win10 machine. The programmer that it has picked is the 'AVRISP mkII'. I have no idea why it has picked that or if that's the correct selection for this board.

Try "Nano - 328, old bootloader" or something like that.

Ok, that worked. Thanks a lot for your help. It's still using the AVRISP mkII Programmer. Why is there an old Bootloader option? And what is that doing?

A Programmer connects to the ICSP pins for loading the Bootloader.

The Bootloader talks to the PC via USB to load a new sketch.

When you use the checkmark and the right-facing arrow (->) on the menu, you loading a sketch with the Bootloader.

When you select Sketch:Upload Using Programmer, that is when the Programmer comes into play.

There is older hardware out there that may have an older Bootloader on it.

More recent hardware has a new Bootloader that runs at a different speed and uses less flash memory.
If you can get a Programmer, you load the new Bootloader to take advantage of it.

It is even offered with Free shipping.
Read the manual before using - it installs with 2 COM ports. One is the Programmer, one is USB/Serial interface. It can only one at a time.

Guess a link would have been useful: