Problems reading analog data from a Force sensitive resistor

I have been working with a simple forcé sensitive resistor, i did a circuit (wheatstone bridge) with 2 220 ohms resistors, 1 4.7k ohm and the forcé sensor. I measure the resulted voltage with a multimeter and it worked well, but in the moment that i read analog data with the Arduino IDE, it does not read the voltage well. I think that is because the impedance, but i don't know what to do.

1) read the "how to use this forum" (you obviously didn't). 2) follow the instructions on how to post a question (info you provided is insufficient). 3) hope someone understands what you're trying to do and can give you suggestions on how to handle your project

Force Sensitive Resistors (FSR) are usually part of a resistor voltage divider along with a fixed resistor. That way the output is always positive with respect to ground. A Wheatstone bridge needs a differential ADC input as the output is not ground referenced.