Reading values from Force Sensitive Resistor - Arduino

I am trying to read the values from a Force Sensitive Resistor with Arduino. Actually, I am already reading them, but it only works if I use a 10 Ohm or lower resistor and it really heats up. (See attached schematic). If I try to use a higher resistor, Arduino continuously reads 1023, as if there was no FSResistor. How can I read the values of the FSR without having to use a 10Ohm resistor that heats up?

Note that the FSR, without applying any force has 50 Ohms resistance, and when applying pressure, it goes down to 5-10 Ohms.

That wiring is not correct. The resistor is in parallel with the FSR, it should be in series in a voltage divider configuration with the center of the voltage divider going to an analog input. Google "arduino fsr" to see how to connect the FSR. 50 Ohms with no pressure is unusual. Most FSRs are more like 50K Ohms no pressure.

Can you give a link to where you bought that FSR ?
Can you make a photo of the FSR ?
Can you ask someone else to confirm the resistance of the FSR with a multimeter ?

Your FSR might not be a FSR, or it might be broken. Can you get another one ?
Does it look like a strain gauge ?

Whatever it is, it should not get hot.

We know. We really know that you also asked this question here: sensor - Reading values from Force Sensitive Resistor - Arduino - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange.

I see nothing wrong with the circuit as such, except for a missing ground connection between the Arduino and the 5V supply for the FSR.

The problem is indeed the very low resistance giving high currents, so no wonder it’s heating up. Unusually low resistance for an FSR indeed which is more commonly in the order of magnitude of 10 kΩ.