Problems with ide 1.8 or ide 1.7

Hi all if some one can help me i having problems with ide 1.8 software arduino and 1.7:

i have installed w7 64 bits full updated with java full update too
when i installed ide software i haven any problem all success ok but when i try to run it ide closed
automaticly i try all solutions what i found reinstaling cleaning windows register and also formatting pc and reinstalled all again from 0 and nothing i cant run software what i can do??

pc its laptop its i3 w7 64bit 4gb ram 540 gb hd
tower its w10 i5 8gb ram 540 hd --> software running atm

ty a lot

What happens if you navigate to the installation folder and run “arduino_debug”

Copy and paste that back here can you ?

Also try turning off your security and antivirus just to test.

Were the installations upgrades or clean fresh installs ?

arduino_debug.exe with java 8 java binary stop work

arduino_debug.exe with java 7 java binary stop work

arduino_debug.exe with java 6 java binary stop work

maybe i will format again and reinstall

how i install java 7 -> unnistall java 8 reset pc clean windows register manually install java 7 reset pc and java 6 same way

Solved installing W10