Problems with USB Host Shield


I am attempting to use the USB Host Shield to connect a mega2560 to a Sony PS4 controller via a bluetooth dongle, using the USB Host Shield Library 2.0. For the sake of saving space, I am not using the shield as a shield; I have got the miniature version of the shield and am jumping between the mega and the shield. When prototyping this on a solder-less breadboard everything worked fine, I could successfully connect the two together, I then decided to make the move to veroboard/perfboard and hit issues.

I am now not able to establish a connection between the controller and the Arduino, but bluetooth dongle has an LED that flashes when searching for a device, but when I upload the example code this light remains off. However, when I run the board_qc script, the SPI transmission in successful so I know there's no issues with my connections. I am also confident that the bluetooth dongle works because I have tried it in my computer and made a successful connection.

I am powering the shield using the 3v3 regulator on the Arduino (same way I did it when on solder-less breadboard) and using a separate 5V supply for the USB bus (again this is the same way I did it when on the solder-less breadboard).

I have got 2 shields and neither of them are working, has anyone got any ideas about what I might've missed that's causing this issue?