Project Green JEEP

I wan I wan I wan
I want to create my own switch panel for my jeep. some panels with relays cost over $500 and there just 4-8 switches and relays.... I have some experience with the Arduino, but the programming of it shouldn't be any issues for me, Im currently in school for computer programming.

Currently my Jeep has 2 sets of LED AUX lights on the front bumper and I have 2 more ready to go on the jeep somewhere. I plan on adding on board air in the future, and probably more lights or other gadgets.


  • 6-8 Input Button/Switch's

  • Relay Box under hood

  • various information about the current state of the car (doors open, running, battery voltage)

  • Optional:

  • Some way of detecting oncoming vehicles headlights and turning off the Aux Lights if there on.

  • IDK other stuff will come to me

I think I can figure everything out my biggest problem im having is how to make a switch box that looks good and works. I dont want to spend lots of money on this.
I would like a switch panel that looks something like this

Really any switches would work tho I really just want it thin. I also thought about something like this

I would like everything waterproof, The switches just for rain but the relay box should be submersion proof. I was thinking of just putting all the relays in some waterproof box but idk if you guys have a better idea let me know.

I am open to any suggestions/ wisdom at all.