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Hello I'm planning for a project and I have no idea where to start for choosing the correct hardware. My project needs a controller to actuate 12 channels for 12v pneumatic solenoids. With a 36-1 tooth trigger wheel input. I need to be able to control exact timing and duration of the solenoids.

An Arduino can't drive solenoids directly - you will need relays or mosfets. You can get a sixteen relay board from multiple suppliers.

You'll need a sensor to detect the trigger input. A Hall sensor is a popular choice.

You'll need the serial port for debugging, twelve relay pins and an input, so any Arduino will have (just) enough pins. I would expect too, that any Arduino will be fast enough. Try a Nano or Nano Every.

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What speed are you wanting to operate the solenoids?
What is the application?

Do you need to operate the 12 solenoids in any particular sequence?
Can you please post a link to specs/data for the solenoids?

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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I'm trying to do a camless engine build like this. Yes each solenoid will have to be times to each cylinder cycle. So it'll have to be actuated in milliseconds. I'll be using a mosfit board. I don't know what solenoids I'll be using. Im still in the early planning stage.

I'm fairly familiar with electronics. I've built 3 megasquirt ecu's and I'm an aircraft avionics tech. I'm just new to coding and arduino.

Interesting project. What engine are you going to use?

I don't think that the code will be especially difficult, at least to make it run. The tricky piece will be tuning the delays.

How will you know what position your pistons are in when you try to start the engine?

Lol kinda another crazy build I'm using the L28 2.8L inline 6 in my 77 280z but I'm going to retrofit 2 ka24de heads on it. It's been done once before. I'm going to use a 36-1 tooth trigger wheel with a hall sensor.

You will need more than one sensor, you will need to know when TDC of No 1 cylinder occurs.
For the first revolution of the engine to let your controller find TDC you will probably have to keep ALL valves closed to prevent bending a valve on the piston.
Interesting YouTube project, those pneumatic actuators would not be cheap, I hope he has factored in heat soak after a long drive and turns the engine off.
Your air valves would have to be of low inertia to move with any quick response to follow the speed a normal camshaft can do.
He wasn't all that forth coming about the electronics though.

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Yes the trigger wheel I'm going to use goes in the distributor and has secondary slits for sequential timing. Sorry I should have mentioned that. Yea I wish he would have listed the parts and arduino hardware he used.

Just getting an idle will be challenging.
Then getting code to respond quickly to changes in engine speed.
The F1 guys can do it, so will be interested how you go on a tamer engine. :+1:

The video guy says he will follow up on the other aspects of his project, so hopefully he comes through.

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I also tried messaging him on instagram to see if I could pick his brain.

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