Project help-doodlebot with 8x8 matrix face

I have a project i need some help on for a class I am in. I am brand new to coding and electrical set ups.

I have an arduino mega 2560.

I want to create a doodlebot. I want it to have a face made from the 8x8 LED matrix. I have found out how to code the different faces that I want on the matrix and set up a delay so that the faces change. The issue is that I want it to seem like he "wakes up" when I touch a button. I am unsure how to program and set it up where it can operate in the following sequence.

1)the bot is sleeping and has a sleepy face
2)press the button
3)the bot "wakes" (changes face) at the press of a button and upon waking the motor engages for
30 seconds.
4) after 30 seconds the face yawns, then goes back to sleep and the motor turns off.

Any help is great. I am brand new to this so please talk to me like I am 10 years old (because I am haha).

Can you tell what you have beside the Mega 2560 board ? Or show a photo ? Do you have a working sketch ? Can you show it ?
What kind of 8x8 matrix is it ?

I agree with the others, it is better to start with something that you can do. But there are many examples for 8x8 leds. Perhaps with an example you can show your own design on the leds.

There are examples of beautiful creations. This is an example with a 6x10 NeoPixel matrix: Click on the start button in the middle-upper of the screen.

I have deleted most of the responses on here as they were worse than unhelpful.

If you are still here stick around as it's pretty clear @Koepel wants to help.

Good luck with your project.

Thank you!! This is his dad but I will post a link to his finished product in a few minutes under @Koepel comment.

@Koepel, Thank you for your constructive reply. We were actively working on his project so we didn't get a chance to reply sooner.

We decided to have him just do an animation with his 8x8 led matrix instead of incorporating a bunch of other stuff. The youtube videos of his animation are in the following links and we want to give a shoutout to ViralScience on Youtube for having a great tutorial with how to write and edit the code for this.

8x8 led matrix animation - YouTube - Project presentation
Led matrix animation - YouTube - Just the animation

That's really cool :star_struck: Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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That's the kind of thing I love this site for and why I am happy to help doing the moderation. Seeing a 10 year old kid, or even a 70 year old kid, achieve something like that with Arduino makes me proud to help out here.

WELL DONE to your son!

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