Project Ideas

I am very new to the Arduino world and have recently completed my first project with one for a class. During the project I began to really enjoy working with the Arduino and controlling hardware. Now that I graduated would like to begin a project on my own, however I am not really sure what to work on. Reading through the forums in the past I have seen a lot of very interesting projects and was hoping you guys could help guide me in a direction or possibly inform me of a good source to find different project ideas (like a website).

I have worked with LCDs, Keypads, stepper motors, and DC motors in the past.

My programming skills are average at best, and I just graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (So I basically know nothing :smiley: )

Thank you,
Any Advice is greatly appreciated!


Wow, a BS in EE should and you think you know nothing?

And haven't seen something you want to build ??

What interests you? toys, tools or both ?

I was kind of joking with knowing nothing. Just have not worked on many practical projects.

I really wanted to build a robot but would like for it to actually do something, other than move. Or anything else that I may be able to use around the house even if its not really practical.
An example is that I saw some people control some Halloween decorations with an Arduino.

I think a quad-copter would be awesome but I am thinking that may be a bit difficult to start out with.

Build a 3D printer.

Lots of content and info online to keep you going.

Then you'll have a 3D printer :slight_smile:

...also not too hard to repurpose the gear into other projects like a 4 axis robot

I was at an interesting lecture by a guy who had built a 3D printer from a kit.

His overall conclusion was to make your CAD files for your project and send them to some firm with a serious 3D printer to do the printing. Having seen how slow the small printers are his advice makes a lot of sense. I have given up my own ambitions to build a 3D printer.

A CNC lathe or milling machine seems to me to make more sense - but even there you can get commercial firms to do the cutting. Maybe it could be used for creating prototype PCBs for other projects.

I suggest you only consider a flying device if you are already a competent pilot of such devices so that you have the skill to debug problems without 23 re-builds.


Build a cruise missile. :smiling_imp:

...also not too hard to repurpose the gear into other projects like a 4 axis robot.

thank you!