Project info? Where to save the progress of a project? (Edit: GitHub?)


My grandfather said today for the second time that I should make some kind of reports of the state of the project. so I can watch it back in the future. I would also like it to be digital and may make it available that my grandfather can somethimes take a look at it!
Is anyone doing some kind of thing like this? And where would you recomend me to save these things?
With projects I mean just projects at home for myself. nothing special.
Would github be a good place? or is it more pointed to public projects?

I would appreciate any recommendations!


What about just emailing him! Git would be fine.

Even make a short youtube video of each stage.
They can later be joined together if required.

Thx for the recommendations!

I will probebly use GitHub!
any good tutorials? (preferably video)

Yes, open and search for GIT HUB Tutorial

I got started... but how do I make the code look good? it just all green

Would github be a good place? or is it more pointed to public projects?

Although GitHub is the most popular place for people to share and collaborate with the world on open source software projects, you also have the option to set the repository visibility to "Private", then allow only specific people access to the repository.

This would require your grandfather to have a GitHub account though, which might or might not be an inconvenience to them.

I got started... but how do I make the code look good? it just all green

It's not clear what you mean by that. Are you saying that the text of the code is colored green on GitHub?

If your repository is public, please post a link to it.

The repository is prive.
Good to here that I can still give my grandfather acces!
And I think he can handle it!

The “Issue” that I have is that when I save my file it gets updated on GitHub desktop… but it isn’t fancy like on the site
The background is green and the code just black.
But maybe am wrong and this is just how it is?
It doens’t take much to just go to the site and look at the code there!


GitHub Desktop is only a Git client. You use it for making commits and pushing them to GitHub. The green color is likely a diff indicator. It shows which lines were added. You'll also see red, which shows which lines were removed.

If you want to see syntax highlighting of your code on your local machine, open the code up in the Arduino IDE.

Ok so the desktop versions is pure for getting the code to the cloud.

About the shared acces...
Is it possible for me to give my grandfather acces to view it, but not really to edit? (not that I don't trust him)


There is information about it here:

Note: In a private repository, repository owners can only grant write access to collaborators. Collaborators can't have read-only access to repositories owned by a user account.

If you set up an organization there is a lot more granularity in permissions:

You might take a look at the "protected branches" feature:

but note it's not available for private repos when you have the free account.

Thx again Pert, I made it public since it is much essayer to work with!
But i have one problem, in my project I use Blynk a lot. And blynk has auth tokens to get access to your hardware with code. And i don't really want other peaple to be able to see that.
And in the future (if my wifi chips arrive) I will probebly have code contain my wifi password and name. This info just can't be on GitHub! Is there a workaround? Or do i have to go private?


I am trying it with a file secrets.h, but I can't get it to work...
so I need to get a 32 char long string array. this is the auth code.
What should I put in the library (secrets.h)?
I tried many things, none of them worked.

#define AUTH_AMS ['P','t','V','3','e','K','f','c','L','0','e','e','W','l','u','w','9','x','J','p','H','g','F','U','','w','6','L','-','S','a','M']
char auth_ams[] = "PtV3eKfcL0eeWluw9xJpHgFU_w6L-SaM";

Any suggestions?

You can put the secret information into a dedicated file and then add that file to the .gitignore. This will mean that the file is ignored by Git (and GitHub desktop), so it will be present on your local computer, but not committed to the GitHub repository.

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