Prototyping shield with nokia 5110, lcm 1602, rs232 etc

Could anybody point me at any details about this kind of prototyping shield Arduino UNO Compatible Prototyping Shield ? I've obtained this one by mistake and have no idea now, what to do with it. Googling was unsuccessful. It has some pins for nokia 5110 and lcm 1602 displays, rs232 and some ts+ (no idea).

Evidently this shield also requires soldering 5v regulator, one 470u capacitor, one 10k variable resistor, some more smd resistors i can not identify...

Could anybody provide any info and schematic?

IMHO A prototyping shield allows you to solder any hardware of your choice to it.

It is supposed to, i know. But this one has pre-positioned places for some components i mentioned. Thus it looks more like some kind of DIY kit shield. But with no other information.

the variable resistor is probably "contrast" for one of the LCDs. And the voltage regulator and cap are probably "optional", for if you wanted to power on-board devices with something other than the 5V from the arduino. You might need to find a spot for a jumper to get at the arduino's 5V. "rs232" just looks like "convenience" pins for Rx/Tx from the arduino (and thus not really rs232 at all) TS+/TS- I have no guesses for, and I can't quite see the traces in the pictures.

have you asked the vendor for a schematic? It's probably "too simple for a schematic and everything is labled", but there MIGHT be one somewhere...

Did you try the search function?

Did you try the search function?

This is it, thank you! I tried searching before posting, but keywords didn't match: displays led in one direction, prototype shields in another.

This is how my version looks. No sign of keyes.