Putty or Java or... ?

Hi guys,
I'm implementing a simple gadget that has a menu over the Serial Monitor...
I'm using it with Putty so I can use wildchar (CLS, Colours etc...) but the guy that will use this interface has no experience with Putty so I'd like to give us a simpler solution.
Is there a simple way to automaticaly configure Putty on the serial port where the Arduino (Nano V3) will be attached (COM3, COM4 ...)?
Is there a free Java code that let the user choose a COM port and just open Putty on it and/or open Putty in some kind of embedded windows?

Any other idea?


What operating system is on the PC?


You seem to be making things harder than they need to be. Arduino should run on the same COM port every time. I'm sure RealTerm runs on the same COM port once originally configured, I imagine Putty does the same.

What operating system is on the PC?


It could be Windows XP, 7, Vista or 10 I think.... not simple to know because it will run on the pc of the guys that need this litle gadget

so long as the Arduino is plugged into the same USB port it should be the same COM port every time it is used.
when I implement PC programs communicating with microcontrollers (using C++, C#, VB.Net, Java, etc) I scan the COM ports looking for the response I expect from the target, e.g. if I send a newline it responds with Arduino project XX, once found communication continues
simimar with devices attached to USB using protocols such as HID