Pyrometer & pressure sensor with logging & display capabilities.

Hi All,

Firstly let me make it apparent that I have no experience with coding Arduino's.

However this isn't a simple "please someone do this for me" project as I am very keen to learn how to use Arduino's and learn how to code them.

This post is for advice on what the best way I should go about starting my project, what components would be best suited for such a build, what I should focus on first, any pitfalls that I may encounter, etc.

As the subject line states, I'm planning on building a Data logger that can read multiple temperatures and pressures, whilst displaying them on a Screen (Preferably a TFT Touch screen as I feel i can fit more of the information on the screen plus optimise the layout better than using a 16x2/20x4 LCD display) and also storing the said data on an SD card and writing it to .CSV form for excel analysis.

I'm basically trying to replicate this;

However with the added element of pressure recording too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi & welcome to the forum.

Do you have previous experience in coding C or any other programming language on other platforms (windows, linux, etc.)?

Do you have experience in basic electonics (what is a resistor, what is voltage, etc.)?

How much money do you want to spend? (this is to answer the question if you should buy shields or plain chips - chips are much cheaper but take longer to integrate)?

How much accuracy do you need in temperature sensing? What kind of temperature range is needed?

I have a small amount of Coding experience with Visual Studio.

My Father is a Software architect and has been for 15+ years so I do have his advice to go with too.

I'm plenty of experience with electronics.

Should probably have mentioned that I'm a formula 3 head mechanic and have built wiring looms, rebuilt servos and many other electronic based components.

Apologies for not including that in previous post!

Many thanks,


Ok, very good.

I assume you only need a single pressure sensor. A common sensor is the BMP180 and is connected via I2C. You just need the BMP180 library (SFE_BMP180).

For temperature sensing I recommend the LM335 which outputs the temperatur in volt and can easily be connected to an analog in. For the UNO you could connect 8, for the MEGA you can connect 16.
From my experiments, the sensor value is very stable and not as noisy as for example the DHT22.
The recommended range is from -40 to 100°C.

For logging, you need the sdfat-library. The SD card is actually just a SPI slave device. But attention, you need to shift the MOSI level from the arduino's 5V to the SD card's 3.3V level.

Some TFT-shields may already include a SD-slot. Maybe it's easier to get such a thing.

What are you planning to measure, btw?

You've assumed correctly. One pressure sensor that is capable of measuring up to a max of 45PSI - 3(Ish) Bar.

Looking at that style of temperature sensor it wont be useable for my application.

I need a probe style sensor as I will be inserting it into rubber to measure the temperature of the tyre. (More of a cooking/catering style probe is needed).

I've seen TFT's with built in SD card bridges already. Are these programmed differently when compared to a seperate TFT screen and SD bridge??

I'm planning on measuring a tyres temperature across three points of its surface and also its pressure, this will be done on all four tyres of the car.

It's also worth noting that I plan for this to be battery powered and ideally the same size as an iPhone 6+.

Again, thanks for the input!