Question about charging this battery

I am still new to this stuff, so I am a little confused. (Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum)

I've recently purchased a Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 8.4 V, 700 mAh, 4+3 AAA Cells (with an XH Connector) for $10 (it was on sale)

Just wondering how would I go about charging it? What equipment should I get? Basically any info regarding how and with what to charge it with will be appreciated.

Thank you! :)

Often a charging protocol has both a current limit (for during the fast charging section) and a voltage limit for trickle-charging.

I believe NiMH voltage limit is about 1.4V (but this will vary with manufacturer, not all NiMH are the same, since the metal (M) can be one of a number of possibilities).

The max fast-charge current will definitely depend on the specific battery - otherwise assume a slow charge current at say a 6 hour rate (about 150mA for your cells). You could just charge at this rate till the voltage reaches 1.4V per cell, or you could add some series resistance so that the current tails off as the cell voltage approaches the limit.