Question about power supply needed to work with Futaba S3305 servo.


I will control 2 Futaba S3305 servo with Arduino Mega 2560 and i will use external power supply for servos.

I ordered DC 6V-500mA output power adaptor.

Not sure how much amps two servos will draw during their operations.I just saw Futaba S3003 drawing 55mA while working without loads and tought 500mA probably will be enough even Futaba S3305 will draw much than S3003.

One of my servo will work almost without load.
Other one will push very small door(152g) and will apply torque.

My question is do you think 6V-500mA will work?

Thank you very much for your help.

Try it & see :wink:

However, quote from the Amazon page for that servo:

This is the Futaba S3305 High Torque, Metal Gear Servo. per Futaba this servo is approved for use with NiCd batteries ONLY] This servo can produce high-current draw from your batteries

Rule of thumb is to budget an amp per servo, although you may only see that draw at stall. Given that, your supply sounds underpowered.