Question on TM1637 usage

I'm currently working on a display for a project for a vehicle I'm "updating" as well as adding a few other things. I'm just wondering if I've implemented the TM1637 correctly in my schematic.

PDF of the entire project if you want to look.
Schematic_Arduino Propane Controller_2022-01-13.pdf (172.5 KB)

This is the Grove circuit that I found supplied somewhere else.

This is a snapshot of the datasheet for the TM1637.

Previously I've only used it as a complete module from the standard suppliers with the 4 digit 7 segment display already attached to it. But it is very limiting on what can be done with it simply because of the "total package". I have several other projects that I'm working on that will also use this driver so I'm trying to make sure that I understand how to use it.

My biggest concern right now is that I have my filters and the CLK and DIO setup correctly. The part that drives the actual 7 segments is really easy so I'm not concerned there. However, if you feel that I've done something incorrectly feel free to let me know, all I ask is that you give a reason why so that I can fully understand. I use to be a "spark chaser" on the AH-64 helicopter, but I'm new to circuit design so as long as you explain it I should be able to understand the gist.

Thanks for any help and for looking.

The capacitors on the CLK and DIO are not needed.

I'm assuming you mean C29 and C30?


Are these signals connected to the Arduino ?

Yes, the Nano is also included in the PDF, I just didn't want to clog up screen space if people didn't want to see it. There are multiple CLK/DIO lines for this one, and many other projects I'm working on.

edit: I'm assuming C29 and C30 and are for filtering. However, is it mostly filtering for supply voltage? or RF suppression? I'm asking because I will have a dedicated 5V power supply for all of the projects, and each one will have it's own "RF shield" (a metal case, where the only holes are for the connectors and the 7 segment display modules) . So assuming that the circuit itself doesn't create any RF noise, there should be little outside RF to influence it...right?

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