Questions on ARDUINO

I want to build an automated door to my chicken coop. I need to use a motor to open it and close it on a timer. I was wondering if this could be accomplished using one of these circuit boards. All I need is some way to power a motor on a timer. Can I code this into a circuit board? If so can you give me a quick explanation of how?

Google "Arduino chicken coop door". The door is: Hinged at the top, bottom or one side and swings open/closed. Slides up/down or left/right. Weighs x kilograms/pounds and will take y seconds to open/close. ?

Arduino-controlled chicken coop doors are a VERY common project. Based on how many people post about them, they may be the second most common Arduino project (after light controllers with WS2812s). (not counting highschool homework assignments).

There are tons of write-ups on it, start with some research; those will probably answer your questions.