quick question - libraries on Arduino

hello First post my name is Alex - living in Zurich CH but originally from Vancouver CA have some big plans for my Arduino which I purchased a few months ago.

I just have a very general question about the Arduino. Can a library (ess sound library for Processing) which is based of of JavaSound run on the Arduino?

No. There is no way to run a Java Virtual Machine (to run a Java app) on an Arduino.

There may be other ways to do what you want to do. If we knew what that was, we might be able to offer some ideas.

ya sorry i could not post links in my first post so it was difficult to elaborate…

i need to record sound on the arduino and analyze it.
i have this: http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2009/07/07/waverp-an-arduino-library-for-recording-and-playing-wave-files-on-the-adafruit-wave-shield/

i need to figure out the best way to analyze the sound on a standalone arduino.

the functions available in the http://www.tree-axis.com/Ess/ processing library are essential (or something similar)…

im recording very short samples (less than two seconds) and need to maximize audio quality for analysis.

any input would be great.