raspberry pi <> arduino mega

Looking to speak with a programmer about a project to interface a mega with a raspberry pi. A skilled programmer has already written code for the arduino w/ ethernet shield 2 and it appears the setup can’t handle the workload, so I’m looking to visit another avenue if my current programmer can’t code this.

The program is basically needed to constantly check small XML files on servers on the LAN and relay to the arduino so LEDs can be updated as close to real-time as possible. There are push buttons on the arduino which in turn sends a command to the respective servers. While the code does work I’m currently experiencing extended delays purely running this on the arduino making it unpractical.

Paid. Anyone interested please PM for more info!

Might be worth getting a more powerful Arduino. Will your shield work with a Due?

NanoPi, ~ 16 bucks, will do that with ease.

Have you used one? I have a use case that this would be just perfect for. The price point is insanely low!
Maybe I'll get one to test out.

NanoPi, ~ 16 bucks, will do that with ease.

Yes. Just set up a buildroot environment and it'll be fine. Depending on your model you can fet a *BSD working, too :slight_smile:

Do you know that the servers on your LAN are responding promptly? Could they be the source of delay?

do you need the Arduino? could the Raspberry pi also drive with the LEDs, push buttons, etc?