Rat detector and replier !

Hey guys, so am working on this project where am using a set of FSRs to detect the presence of a rat or just a small sized animal through its weight, once it is detected there would be an alarm going on through a buzzer. There is also a repelling mechanism through the use of ultrasonic frequencies. I just need to make sure the circuit diagram i made is correct and whether something needs to be corrected. (The right side of the circle i used an Arduino nano with a piezoelectric buzzer to generate the frequencies)

(The IR sensor is there because am planning to have something else detected before the actual animal detection process so its

IR sensing - FSR sensing- Alert- repelling

and one last question, THE POWER SUPPLY?? what is the best option to power the whole thing? Can i just use a power bank?


when doing any circuit, you can make a list of the parts. and add their power consumption.

you show 6 sensors, a switch 2 PCB’s and 2 buzzers.

you will need to plug this in if you use the two Arduino boards shown.

I would say to get this to work at you intend,then look at some way of using a lower power board. and only 1 board.

Although I have no problem using multiple micro-controllers when the application screams for multiples, This is not one of those applications. This scrams to use one.

and if battery power is desired, one, low power unit.
then check the IR power consumption and see your options to let that sleep.

When connecting switches or other two-terminal sensors, connect them between the Arduino pin and ground, not to Vcc.

You can then use a pull-up to Vcc on your PCB or breadboard, or if a 45k pull-up is about right, use pinMode of INPUT_PULLUP to activate the internal pull-up.

This way the 5 V Vcc line does not need to be taken anywhere away from the controller module, just the ground line, reducing risks of short circuits and interference. Regrettably this standard engineering advice is missing from the Arduino "tutorials".