Reaction lights guide

Hello, Im looking for some ideas for a reaction light project.
I want to make something like this Wireless Light Agility and Reaction Training Device by Matshuoka - YouTube but Im not quite sure what components to use.

Ill need a way to detect the movement and for that I think I should use some pressure sensores but as I think it would be better for people not to touch it could be better to use some ultrasounds, tho they can be tricky.

Another challenge is the communication, I dont want to use wires so Im thinking about bluetooth or esp, I never used the esp but I think it would be the best choice.

The other challenge it will be the power supply and for that I think this Will be enough (picture)

Ill probably also need a "main" part where I can have some buttons to start, levels of intensity, display etc I dont know how harder it will be to create an application for this, I have some knowledge with PHP, Java, HTML, MySQL etc but not that much with Android studio.

What do you guys think? Am I forgetting anything? Is it viable, you think I should change something?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I made any English mistake

I think from that video you need to look for the guy with the remote control.
He makes the target light up, it lights up for 1/2Sec then goes out, not due to being touched or sensing a foot nearby.

There appears to be no timing measurement made, just that the subject reacts in the right direction.

You could us a capacitive touch sensor to detect the target touch.

Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I didnt even realized about the guy controlling, just picked up the first one on YouTube tbh, I already know what I want to do just wanted to show people, sorry about that.

Here is a video of a better one SIBOASI fitlight reaction light for training 6.0 - YouTube

So you think those sensors are better then ultrasound? Maybe it could be a feature to see how much pressure you also put in a punch or a kick...

I just dont want to buy the wrong stuff :joy:

Also one question, the esp can connect to each other without internet?


I guess it works better then bluetooth in every way

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