Read a xls sheet from SD card for the configuration of arduino

Hello everybody,

I am starting a new project in Arduino and I need to read data from a xls file to configure some values for my arduino program . The data in my xls sheet as the following:
Amplitude Frequency Pin
10 [\t] 2 [\t] 10

Do you know how I can do that?

Thank you very much for your advices.

best regards


Use a HEX editor to examine an xlx file. There is LOT more to it than you have displayed. A simple text file would be a whole lot more workable.


Export the file as CSV. That can be read as text by an Arduino.
Or you could use PLX-DAQto allow the Arduino to read the data directly from Excel on the PC.


Thank you for advice! Okay, I keep your advice. I change my file as a .txt. It is more simple.