read and write sensor data between arduino and labview?

I have a little project that involves automatic monitoring and watering of a potted house plant. I have several sensors that I need to read the data from:

  • -FC-28 soilmoisture sensor
  • - ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04(to measure the height of water in coca cola bottle which I use as the water reservoir)
  • dht-22 sensor that measures both the air humidity and temperature
  • Photoresistor to measure the light-light dependant resistor

I am able to show these measured data in Serial Monitor in Arduino Sketch. How do I communicate to Labview? I have seen a Tutorial where a guy is explaining that you need to install VI Package Manager and install an add on for Labview to make the Arduino communication work.I have done that , but I see that this add on costs money, and I am wondering if there is another way of doing this that doesn't involve costly licensing? I know that I am suppose to use VISA blocks in Labview, but do I need code in the sketch to enable the interfacing to the Labview. Please help....