Reading GAS METER with M-BUS Wireless (169MHZ?)

Hello, I'm new here.
In my house (Biella, Italy) have recently changed the gas meter from mechanical to a new electronic.

In Google I saw that the meter is a DOMUSNEXT G4 model with wireless interface on M-BUS running at 169Mhz or 868Mhz (two differente options).
Looking at governement specifications is mandatory to be used in Italy the 169 Mhz frequency only.

So, I would like to have something that allow me to read the GAS meter automaticaly, may be connected with smart home system .

I saw this USB stick to interface with a PC :

Otherwise I could use this module:

to connect with Arduino and reading in serial....

Anyone have done something with Arduino to read the Italian Gas Meter throu M-BUS ?

Thank you

Hi Mauro, did you get around doing anything?

Hi Mauro, did you get around doing anything?

As Maurorinaldo has only posted twice (in 2015 and 2016), I don't think that you will get a reply from him.