Reading Lego Sensor

I’m looking to read my lego color sensor from the arduino. How do i do this? does anybody know which pins go where? I had seen some hacks long time back but unable to find them now. Need this very urgently. All help appreciated.


I googled for “pinout lego color sensor” and it looks like this book promises pinouts for a number of NXT-capable sensors. Have you seen this book? Does it cover the color sensor in particular?

If it is an NXT sensor then it has an I2C interface, however if it is Mindstorms or earlier then it doesn’t.

What vintage of colour sensor is it?

I didn’t realize NXT was i2c, but it makes sense. Any source (other than Lego) for the sockets and cords? They bastardized the RJ-style jacks with offcenter clasps, so making things that are compatible turns out to be a hassle.

its a nxt… the 12c interface… :frowning:

That it’s i2c is actually probably a good thing–the Arduino can communicate with i2c devices. :slight_smile: