Reading NFC without a shield


I'm making a school project with Arduino Uno. I bought an NFC reader (seeed Grove NFC). However, I can't get it to read anything. Am I supposed to have an NFC shield? I also find no information online about which pins I should connect the NFC reader to.

Any help greatly appreciated!

The Grove NFC reader can be accessed by I2C or UART. The selection is done by a solder bridge. What did you choose?

Post a wiring diagram (may be hand drawn). Also post the complete code you use for testing.

Hey and thanks for your reply. I took a picture of the solderings I did. I just typed a super long message but it got deleted so I try to make a tighter one fast. Feels frustrating…

Code I used:

#if 0
#include <SPI.h>
#include <PN532_SPI.h>
#include <PN532.h>
#include <NfcAdapter.h>

PN532_SPI pn532spi(SPI, 10);
NfcAdapter nfc = NfcAdapter(pn532spi);

#include <Wire.h>
#include <PN532_I2C.h>
#include <PN532.h>
#include <NfcAdapter.h>

PN532_I2C pn532_i2c(Wire);
NfcAdapter nfc = NfcAdapter(pn532_i2c);

void setup(void) {
Serial.println(“NDEF Reader”);

void loop(void) {
Serial.println("\nScan a NFC tag\n");
if (nfc.tagPresent())
NfcTag tag =;

I get the error message “Didn’t find PN53x board”. Thanks for helping!

Aaand the picture…

Your code seems TOO much. This link shows: add a jumper to talk I2C. (nothing about the jumpers you? have added) There is also a link to a library.

I cannot find info telling it is 5V tolerant (I CAN see 3.3V)

Switch to I2C, Run the I2C-scanner program to verify its 'existance'

Aaand the picture..

The picture is unfortunately not very sharp. I can see wires from the solder bridge to some test points but I cannot see soldering on the bridge itself. Can you explain what exactly you soldered. It doesn't look like you actually activated the I2C interface.