Real time Arduino house temperatures monitor web server


I’ve been working on a project for some time.
I’ve combined some code I found for some temperature web monitoring code and I started growing the project

The final version should monitor every room in the house and display the current and average temperature on a web page.
On a linux server I have a script that gets the temperatures from the arduino output and creates a nice graph. But that’s another platform, not arduino based

Here is how the arduino output looks now:

And here is the code, version 0.42

I have to improve it, but my coding knowledge is somewhat limited. I know I should make some procedures for reading and displaying the temperatures, but I don’t know how to do that

So, what do you think about the output, and how should I improve it further?

Here is an output from the script monitoring the temperatures (actually temperature, only one being monitored so far)


Do you want to start controlling things like Heating/ Aircon? If so variants of the arduino code/webpages I developed to control the Thermal stores/Under floor heating buffer temperature for my place would give you a good start.

Just porting it to a Leonardo at the moment to get some extra Analog inputs for more PT1000 temperature sensors.

Everything is controlled from a web interface
The system logs all the data at 10min intervals to the SD card on the Ethernet shield and you can download those *.csv files over the Ethernet to a PC for analysis.
It looks up the NTP time at midday (GMT) to keep its own interrupt driven clock to time.
Calls for heat from a gas boiler when the tank cools down.
Automatically increases/decreses the required tank temperature and hence adjusts the output of the UFH for when its colder/hotter outside.
Diverts the flow from a Wood Burner back boiler from just heating hot water to input heat to the UFH when the back boiler is hot enough for this duty.

eventually I could control heating, but atm just monitoring it will do

I will probably rely on simple chrono-thermostats to controll each room's under floor heating, but I will implement an override buton on an arduino to manually heat-up a room

where is your topic?

do you use any procedure from where I could learn how to implement them?