Real time graph output?

Hello, I would like to get a visual real-time graph output from the arduino. In this case, it will be reading the cylinder head temperature from an old vw bug. I have already gotten to the point of it working where I can see the temperature in the serial monitor, as well as on an LCD screen. I was thinking that it may be even cooler to be able to view it using a raspberry pi (running linux) with an arduino plugged into it, then the raspberry pi's phono output will be perfect for a small 4.3" screen in my car. Anyway...

I added some code from "SimPlot" and got it to work and output my temperature data on a real time graph. However the program SimPlot is not very good as far as I can tell. It doesn't auto scale the y-axis. So I'm here now asking you if there is anything that can boot up automatically with power and begin real-time graphing of this thermocouple data. Here's the code if you want to see.

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some them use processing with arduino to do realtime plot

PLX-DAQ is a macro for Excel. It does real-time graph for finite period.

Where you can find some info about what I’m playing with