Real time Simulation softwares

Hello everyone, ;) I'm trying to create a real time graphic environment where I can simulate the movement of my robot, its reaction to different kinds of obstacles...(with recognition of all types of sensors... ::)) I'd like also to be able to calculate the best trajectories possible... Is there a software that would enable me to do all these things? Or do I have to program everything from scratch? :-? :-/

Here's an example I found on youtube, just so you know what I'm talking about :


a real time graphic environment where I can simulate the movement of my robot …

Sounds like you want a very professional product like Autodesk Inventor.

If you read the text under the youtube movie you would have found

They are pretty proud of their product. $3,450 for a copy.

I saw the soft but as PaulS said : $3,450 for a copy. :o not affordable for me. What I want is just a simple soft that could generate for example a table with some obstacles scattered on top of it, and a simple cube representing the robot. The cube would then move around the table avoiding the obstacles according to the program I would have uploaded on the arduino. This would help me find the flaws in my algorithms and correct them without having to make a real table with wood and everything :-? So is there something like that? PS : since I'm obviously working with arduino, I need the soft to be able to communicate with one. ;D

If you're a student, they have a cheaper copy (still > $300, tho)...


You might look into Processing, it can likely do everything you need to do, as long as you don't absolutely need an "exact simulation" of the real robot (which is what the software above is designed to do, I think); treat the robot/table/obstacles as a 2D image viewed from above, and it should be fairly easy to code.

Later you could possibly expand it to work with DirectX/OpenGL (Processing supports that) for a 3D visualization if you wanted to...


okay thanks. I'll check it out.

But if you think about something else don't hesitate to share ;)

When you say simple.. you're basically tossing out the trivial stuff, and leaving the hardcore stuff that suites like inventor can solve... You could try blender (open-source 3D suite), I know its possible to do what you want in it... but its still going to be a LOT of work (likely a multiple of the work that would go into building it through trial&error).

likely a multiple of the work that would go into building it through trial&error

If you do go this route, though, be sure to post back here when you have something working. "My robot doesn't work" is quite a common theme on the forum. It would be nice to point people to an affordable "robot simulation using Ardiuno" test tool.

The problem, though, is getting a 3D modeling system to recognize the vast array of sensors, and know how they work, and what the inputs and outputs are, and to get that system to recognize code that purports to operate those sensors and translate the results into actions.

If you could get your system to say "Hey, dummy, change you code like this...", you'd really be onto something.

Sounds effects as the robot hit stuff would be cool. "Ooof, ouch,...".

I'm so in love with the soft mentioned above Even if it costs 300 bucks they give you a fully functionnal 30 days trail period. And you have tons of program samples (how to read sensor information, how to use PID, how......). And I can play with it for a month....It's something...People who have 300$ to spare, I'm telling you...don't hesitate...BUY IT! It's really worth it.