Receiver 433 MHZ arduino


I would need advice
how Reading data with weather station 433 mhz.

I have arduino UNO
433mhz receiver ( mk rx 5v 433mhz )
is good receiver ?

Please help (manual, tutorial, )

well thank you

Youtube and Google it. There are great walkthrough tutorials.
If your weather station is a commercial product you bought, you need to figure out its protocol first. If it's something you made yourself, well, never mind, I doubt that.

Here is how to decode remote weather stations (if yours hasn't already been decoded).

does not work :frowning:

GND connect GND
VCC connect VCC
DATA connect to D2


  • Demo for RF remote switch receiver.
  • For details, see RemoteReceiver.h!
  • This sketch shows the received signals on the serial port.
  • Connect the receiver to digital pin 2.

#include <RemoteReceiver.h>

void setup() {

// Initialize receiver on interrupt 0 (= digital pin 2), calls the callback "showCode"
// after 3 identical codes have been received in a row. (thus, keep the button pressed
// for a moment)
// See the interrupt-parameter of attachInterrupt for possible values (and pins)
// to connect the receiver.
RemoteReceiver::init(0, 3, showCode);

void loop() {

// Callback function is called only when a valid code is received.
void showCode(unsigned long receivedCode, unsigned int period) {
// Note: interrupts are disabled. You can re-enable them if needed.

// Print the received code.
Serial.print("Code: ");
Serial.print(", period duration: ");

connection is:

* Demo for RF remote switch receiver.

Of course that won't work for a weather station.

and How do I read 433MHz signal?

See reply #2.