Receiving error trying to compile Anet A8 Marlin 2.0

I am trying to update my firmware on my Anet A8 to 2.0.x

I downloaded the Marlin Firmware from Github and then downloaded Arduino

I downloaded the sample config files for the Anet and then place the hardware files into the Document/Arduino/Hardware folder.

I opened Aurduino and selected the Anet 1.0 board. When I look at the com port I see that COM3 is connected so I ensure it is selected.

When i open the project and try to validate it I received the following error message:

c:\users\leslie~2\appdata\local\temp\arduino_build_141476\sketch\src\pins\ramps/pins_RAMPS.h:56:6: error: #error "Oops! Select 'Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560' in 'Tools > Board.'"

 #error "Oops! Select 'Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560' in 'Tools > Board.'"

If i recompile using the MEGA 2560 board it works. I am confused as I had copied the ANET example configs but it looks like it is not picking it up even though the screen indicates it is compiling using ANET 1.0

Any assistance would be appreciated

This error indicates Marlin is configured for use with one of the Arduino Mega-based 3D printer control boards that use an ATmega2560 microcontroller. The "Anet V1.0" board definition is for 3D printer control board based on the ATmega1284P microcontroller, and so the compiler detects that it is compiling for an incompatible board.

So this makes me think that Marlin is not configured correctly for the Anet A8. I would focus your attention on how you applied the A8 configuration to the Marlin code. If you will provide a link to the instructions you are following for this process. that might supply useful information to the helpers here.

Hey in0,

interesting, appreciate the response.

I was following the instructions here:

and when I view this on my tablet I do not have comment sections but I noticed he has an updated here:

So I will watch that first and provide an update if that works or if I have to seek further assistance.

I will watch this later on today and update this post.

So I watched the second video and it mainly refers to having to install a bootloader if not already installed.

I do not think that is my problem yet.

So it looks like I must have messed up the board definition some how but not sure as it seems pretty straightforward.

Any pointers?

That is correct. If your printer control board doesn't have a bootloader and you try uploading over the USB cable, you will have an error during the actual upload process. But the code must successfully compile before the upload process even starts, so the current compilation error you are getting is completely independent from the presence or absence of a bootloader.

The part you need to focus on is step 5 of the first video, where you add the A8-specific Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files to Marlin:
Make sure you have copied the right files to the right place.

Try this:

  1. Open Marlin in the Arduino IDE.
  2. Click the "Configuration.h" tab.

At line 24, you should see this:


If not, it indicates that something went wrong while you were following step 5 of the video.

Hey in0,

That is definitely the issue.

When I go into the documents/Arduino/hardware Folder I have an anet configuration.h and when I browse it the line you indicated is there.

When I go into the ardinuo PGM and browse the configuration. H it does not have the line.

Not sure what happened. I will uninstall everything and redo it to see if that fixes the issue.

I will let you know how it goes


So I was updating the wrong folder with the config file.

Once I paid attention and updated the right folder everything compiled just fine.

I uploaded the firmware but after the reboot it showed me

Marlin was loading but now I get the following:

EEPROM version error
Initialize EEPROM ?
[IGNORE] Reset

Going to see what I can find on that but if you have any information it would be appreciated as you have already started me in the right direction.

I'm very glad to hear you now have a successful compilation and a successful upload as well!

Unfortunately, although I'm fairly knowledgeable about Arduino-specific things, I don't know anything at all about Marlin itself or about 3D printers. Even though I've helped many people to troubleshoot their 3D printer firmware updating problems, and even made some small contributions to the Marlin project, I have actually never even seen a 3D printer or even a 3D printed object in real life.

Hey in0,

No worries. I found out how to reset the EEPROM and everything appears to be working now.

Appreciate all your assistance in getting this working.

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