Recommend sensor to detect ball hitting panel?

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I was hoping you the group can give me some guidance on which of sensor would be most suitable for my soccer passing/target project, which I am designing for my children?

The crux of the project is, can I detect when a soccer ball hits a upright board (one sided) with a sensor? (The board will be approximately 1000mm x 500mm ).

How hard it hits the board isn't really important... just detecting that the ball hit it.

I was thinking accelerometers/vibration sensor, or a pressure sensor? Or even I’ve seen people taking about microphones. So not really sure which way to go. Hence the post!!

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Please find my project idea below -

Revision 1:

A Free standing, upright board, with a LED light embedded or on top/bottom of it (Light can be Red, yellow, green colour)

When board is hit with a ball, light comes on. When hit again - goes off.

Revision 2:

The coach, remotely turns on the board LED... at which point the player can hit the board with the ball and turn it off.

Revision 3:

Have multiple boards combined together side by side, to make a 'Target Wall' or arena (e.g. in Hexagon shape).

Remotely/randomly/pre-programmed Green, Red and yellow lights come on.

Player tries to hit Green, yellow lights and avoid red lights in a specific time period.

A count is kept of green lights hit, and red lights hit (and yellow).

A score is given after X seconds based on the number of lights the player hit. Green = positive, Red = negative

Balance the target surface and You can use simple micro switches.

It usually works well to glue a piezo disk to the board. Buy, or get them out of discarded alarm clocks or other devices that emit a buzz.

Google "arduino knock sensor" for some example circuits. At most a resistor is needed.

Very good.

But, be careful when using pyroelectric sensors in TTL, MOS electronic components, etc .....
Pyroelectric sensors can provide voltages above those that these circuits can withstand.
If necessary, place a zener diode in parallel with the sensor to slow the pulses.

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And thanks for all the quick replies!!

Will one piezo be able to pick up the impact on all spots on a 1000x600mm board?


Place several sensors. Like 1 in each corner and 1 in the center.

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Hi Railroader - thanks for the reply, do you have examples you can point me to on the use of micro switches?


Examples? A micro switch works as a push button. The mechanical assembly needs some precision.

Try it and see. It is a very simple experiment.