Reflow toaster oven

I bought a small toaster-oven last year and some high temperature thermistors with the intent of building a reflow oven using the Arduino to control it. It's become one of those "when I get around to it" projects. If anyone has a tip of where I might find a forum of like-minded hobbyists, I would appreciate it.

I split this into it's own topic.

There were several discussions on this in the old forum, back in th 2011 timeframe.

I don't of so many since then.

I have the same thing - toaster oven, and a bunch of parts that I never seem to get around to integrating.
In the meantime, I just use a multimeter with thermocouple probe fed thru the oven door, and just time a cycle manually.
Heat to 150C, wait 90 seconds, heat to 195C, wait 90 seconds, confirm solder has melted by looking thru glass door with a flashlight, then heat off and crack door to let it cool down, not moving anything until temp has dropped below 180C.
I'm using lead solder paste, Kester EP256.

it would seem that you could get an SSR, connect to the power lines
put in your thermocouple and feed that to the Arduino
turn the oven [temperature] on full to bypass the controls, or set to the highest [temperature] you expect to have.

write code in the way Crossroads suggests to get started.

Considering that complete, well working reflow ovens are going for around 1,200 RMB a piece on Taobao I wouldn’t bother trying to build one myself.