Remote data sender - guidance pls

I wish to take a pressure reading at a remote location and make it visible on the internet. The read rate will be every 10 seconds or so.

I envision that I could upload the data to a server or have a web page from the device directly. A graphical history presentation would be nice as well.

The hardware side should be simple, but I am really out of date on the software side. I welcome any suggestions so I don't have to re-invent too many wheels. I hope I can do this fairly simple function by using existing code and not too much custom coding. I need some one to point out what resources I need.

The Internet of Things is something you need to look in to. It might help you avoid re-inventing the wheel. Something like Xively, Thingspeak or Blynk

Thanks for the reply. Your comment was just the sort of help I need at this point. I suspected that there are a lot of suitable resources out there that I could use.

As I said, I am way out of date in this realm, which was actually something I did decades ago, programming in Assembler and Forth. So, I'll look into the items you suggested (that I was not even aware of). Just what I need at this point to pick a path and get up to speed on one or more of these new, remarkable tools. Thank you.