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Hello, IDE arduino allows attach various functions such as tabs, but when a code is written in a single file, and if it contains many functions, it is very difficult to locate or find them, my idea is that team development arduino, please add a view or subwindow of functions, some IDEs call SYMBOLS TREE panel.
the idea is to facilitate the coding without using external editors or IDEs

Is this a good idea? +1 or -1

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1: ZinjaI c++ IDE (arduino_symbols_tree_image00.jpg )
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2: atom program editor

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Hola, el IDE de arduino permite adherir varias funciones, como pestañas, pero cuando se escribe un código en un solo archivo, y si este contiene muchísimas funciones, es muy difícil ubicarlas o encontrarlas, mi idea es que el grupo o equipo de desarrollo de arduino, por favor agregue una vista o subventana de funciones de código, algunos IDEs lo llaman SYMBOLS TREE
la idea es facilitar la codificación, sin usar editores o IDEs externos

Es buena esta idea?
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Seems a very useful feature. I'm always a bit wary of this sort of thing because programmers tend to be so convinced their great idea is the best way that they force it on everyone rather than making it optional. This happened recently with the Arduino IDE's change to a new editor. All of a sudden it automatically adds closing brackets, even when it's completely wrong to do so. There's absolutely no way to turn that feature off.

Even when a new feature is optional I think it should be disabled by default, keeping the behavior of the program consistent across versions. I don't want my UI to change just because I updated the program. This seems to happen frequently even with otherwise great programs such as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

the new features must be able to be deactivated or activated (Flags).

the evolution of a product, many times, requires new lock changes.