RF project with very low range


I'm developing a project where I want to receive remotly some actions to make. The actions will be given by a 4 button RF remote control.

I'm succesfully receiving the codes from my remote controller, the problem is that I only can receive if the remote controller is below 1 meter away the receiver (my objetive is to have this project working in a 10 meter distance). I added an anntena as seen in pictures, but it didnt improve.

Can someone help me on this?

Thanks in advance

I see two things. The antenna you added is in with a bunch of other wires. Not good! You also may need to add an antenna to the transmitter side. The distance you are seeing is about normal for a hand-held key fob.

A matched antenna is the best RF amplifier.
73 es gd DX

@Paul_KD7HB Hey Paul, thanks for your answer. I was expecting the same range as with garage doors applications (5meter to 10 meters). I will try to use smaller wires.

@paulpaulson Thank you Paul, can you send me the link to the suggested antenna please? didnt find anything when search for 73 es gd DX. thank you

take a search engine for the WWW and ask for antenna design

you need a ground plane - at least one wire, three is better - as long as the antenna

any improvement on an antenna on either end benefits both ends of the link.

there are hundreds of DIY antenna tutorials on the web.

Hi @Geek_Emeritus I search on the web for low range problems and solution is to use a straight antenna with 17cm, thats whay I have. can you kindly suggest other design? thanks

Have you tried a new battery in the FOB?

You bought the worst possible receiver.
The ones with SAW filter (looks like a crystal) are more predictable than the ones with a coil.
That said, it should work more than 5m.

My go-to DIY aerial is a 'sleeve' type, made from a piece (~1.5m) of thin 50 ohm coax with braided copper shield.
Remove about 20cm of the outer insulation, and fold back the braid over the coax.
Cut inner insulated core to ~17cm, and braid to ~17cm.
You now have a ~34cm sleeve aerial, that can be covered with 35cm of heatshrink.
Connect both core and ground of the other end of the cable to the receiver.
Best to mount the aerial a metre or so away from receiver and Arduino (the 1.5m recommendation).

Edit: Coax antenna example.

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