RF101 Recovery Diode from ROHM??

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Do u use the rf101 recovery diode from ROHM? I search for some data about it but the data I got is few. So What situation can be used and what differences are between fast recovery diodes and rectifier diodes?
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I found this article very interesting:
Fast, Ultrafast, Standard, Soft, Schottky: What’s the Right Rectifier for Your Power Circuitry? - Technical Articles (allaboutcircuits.com)

A fast recovery diode is used for rectification of a higher (than mains) frequency AC.

Why are you asking?

WIth enough withstand voltage, are they universal? Can they take a replacement of each other?

Replacement for what.
High-voltage fast recovery diodes (Vf 1volt)) are not often used in the Arduino world.
Schottky diodes (with half the forward voltage loss) are usually preferred if fast recovery is needed.

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"Standard" fast recovery diodes switch off much faster than standard silicon rectifier diodes, but they switch off suddenly (aka abrupt recovery), so are often avoided due to the EMI generated - soft recovery fast diodes are usually preferred.

For mains frequency rectification standard rectifiers are normally used

  • the microsecond timescale for recovery is irrelevant when a half cycle takes 10000 us.

For switch-mode power supplies you need some sort of fast or ultra-fast recovery and the frequencies used are around 1000 times faster than mains - soft recovery are normally used here as EMI problems are rife in SMPS. The reason abrupt recovery exist is mainly that they were developed first, despite soft-recovery being generally better.

Some circuits do require abrupt recovery as they are trying to generate fast pulses, but not generic rectification duty.

To protect a transistor from the kickback of a relay switch-on time of the diode is important.
A common 1N4004 switches on as fast as a Schottky or fast recovery diode.

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