RFID and DiscTag


i'm trying to make a tangible interface with rfid reader and photos with stickytags (manufacturers call it disctag). I did not find reseller for disctag compliant with the ID2, ID12, ID20 RFID's reader (sold by sparkfun from innovativ ID, work only with ugly cards)

Does anyone have a name or a reseller for that tag type ? ohhhh and i've got a small budget. I'm looking for disctag priced near 1euro/tag, need 100 to 200 tags 8-)

I'm open for tech ref, reader, etc etc.

(Sure i need a reader + arduino + Xbee or wireless connection to a computer and a beamer... no wire visible)

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eric :-[

This company has some "stick-on" tags that I don't find terribly ugly. You could always cover them with a precut circular sticky from Avery or such, I guess. http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/c/2964-125-KHZ-EM4102.aspx

Yes ::) this is the tag what i'm looking for. and at a good price. :o But... sorry there is a "but".

detection range : 3-4 inch is it compatible with a simple reader? don't need usb (like with the 1023 - PhidgetRFID), just TX/RX cause i just want to transmit through wireless, the uID... without any computer Just one computer near the beamer :P

Are they compliant with ID2,ID12 or 20,,, sold by sparkfun ?

thanks for the point

regards eric

Not quite sure what you are asking... the ID12, 20 etc. read 125 khz tags. Trossen sells 125 khz disc tags that work with those readers.

"But" the range is indeed only a few inches from the reader to the tag.

Hye Professor !

in RFID, frequency is not enough to specify, there is some protocoles.
EM4102 is one of them, EM4001 is an other :wink:
Unique®, MIFARE, HITAG etc etc…
Do you test these tags with the ID2 reader ?

The Trossen tags are specified as EM4102, which is the same as the reader: http://www.corerfid.co.uk/coreDocs/CoreIDSpecs.pdf

I have used the Trossen tags with the ID20 reader; the other readers ought to work the same.

This is really strange... if you take the spec from id innovations for the "same" product, the card format is not the same but the product look exactly the same !!!! :o http://www.id-innovations.com/EM%20moudule%20SERIES%202007-10-9_wfinal%20v22.pdf

thanks for the shop url anyway 8-)

regards eric

the card format is not the same but the product look exactly the same

That is no surprise. The card format handling is simply a matter of software. It makes sense for a manufacturer to use the same housing for both types to cut down on tooling costs.


Don't overlook the fact that the ID-2 has NO antenna and the ID-12 has a smaller internal antenna than the ID-20. The best reading range could come from the ID-2 but you'd have to make your own external antenna. Because it's larger it could read farther. The ID-20 should have the best range with its larger internal antenna.

I've got a variety of tags from Trossen Robotics sitting on my desk. Just so you know, the 25mm clear with adhesive backing (RFID-TAG-125-LAM25S) is the thinnest. It's maybe as thick as cardstock. The 25mm disk with adhesive backing (RFID-TAG-125-DSK25S) is a bit thicker than a credit card. The button tags (RFID-TAG-125-BTN18S or RFID-TAG-125-BTN30S) are a little thicker but have a black high-gloss finish that looks good.

I'm still waiting for MY ID-series chips from Spark Fun but did you know they offer a USB mount (SEN-08852) for the ID-Series ICs? It leaves the Arduino out of the loop but provides an I/O headstart. They also have a breakout board (SEN-08423) that adapts the 2mm pin spacing to .1" spacing.

Hope that helps, Mike

Thanks Mike for the really interesting infos about disctag and reader.

In fact i'm looking for more an area (2D) than a distance of detection (3D). I would like an area like a standart A4 sheet of paper. i suppose we can design a custom antenna ? :-? Any idea about that ?

regards :-*

Frankly, the URL you posted for the data sheet is what scared me away from the ID-2 IC. I'm NOT an electronics savant and have no access to an oscilloscope for testing the tuning (like I'd have a clue what I'm looking at on a scope).

All of the above is why I ordered an ID-12 and an ID-20 to see how the range would work for me. I may be using glass ampule tags in some cases and expect the range to be even more limited.

Hopefully someone else may have some hands-on concerning RFID reader antennas...


I would like an area like a standart A4 sheet of paper.

You just need a coil that covers that area, as a byproduct you also get better distance. Try and put four pegs in a board the area you want to have and wind a few turns round it.

The problem will come when you have to choose a capacitor to put in parallel with this coil to bring it to the correct resonance point. You will probably need three or more capacitors to make up the correct value and make them about 600V working as you get big voltages off a resonant LC circuit. You will defiantly need access to some test equipment to measure the voltage developed across the coil.


Trossen ask 62$ for shipping in europe >:( and they add:

International orders, please be aware that your country may charge you for duties and importation taxes which UPS will collect upon delivery. These are importation charges by your country and they are not included in your order.

so add 20% more for french VAT on shipping!!! (74$ for shipping... Fu....!)

sorry i will bought in europe at rfidshop.com, "only" 29 euros for shipping and can keep VAT with a VATNumber... :P

so add 20% more for french VAT on shipping!

Hey don't complain the French invented VAT and stated it applied to everything including shipping.

We Brits had to follow this when we joined the E.U. :(

Also if you were in the UK it would be 15% VAT (at the moment) plus 7% import duty. The annoying thing is that you would pay VAT on the import duty! A tax on tax.

French's taxe (VAT) for shipping (service) that is made 90% out of France, this is ridiculous and why i'm unhappy. I am agree to pay VAT for material but not for american shipping's service. :'( And then 62$ for delivery 10 or 100 tags... this is ridiculous too. I don't want express shipping. My things can come by sea. It's not so urgent. :-/