RFID Controlled Squeezebox

Finished my little project using an Ardiuno, Parallax RFID reader and ethernet shield to control my squeezebox with photo coasters.

Turned out pretty neat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-0Zj8fJz8U&feature=channel_page



Hey I am curious, if I put two of the RFID coasters near the parallax reader, would it pick both of them up? Kind of have a playlist going?

That was my original goal, that you could build up a playlist by putting a bunch of tags into a dish or container of some sort.

Sadly none of the hobby RFID readers support more than one tag at a time, they don't pick up anything at all if two tags are within the field.

You could have multiple RFID readers hooked up and have a tray with multiple slots sufficiently far apart and do it that way, but the readers are a bit too expensive to go that route.

Guess we have to wait for that particular tech to cheapen up a bit.

that looks awesome :)

Hmm... I heard 13.56 MHz band RFID readers are capable of multiple tags. I know Texas Instruments makes a chip that is fairly cheap. It is the TRF7961. Might need more than an Arduino to make it work however, the example circuit in the datasheet seems fairly complicated.

Hrmm.. ya that would be a neat addition to it for sure. I'll have to look into it.

I wrote up a bit about my experience putting this together for anybody interested, including the arduino code and php script: http://www.trileet.com/node/34