RFID not detecting PICC (cards and tags)

Hey guys

I’m kind of new to Arduino, but I have been having trouble with my RFID reader (Model is Funduino RC522, but also have spare duinotech RC522) as it is not detecting or reading any of my PICC cards/ tags (Those that come with the reader). It was working perfectly before, but ever since I have connected the arduino back to my PC it has just suddenly stop working. All connections are correct and have been checked many times, cleared all code from the arduino and re-uploaded it, re-install IDE and the necessary library’s for RFID, and even bought another RFID reader, but no luck.

Even when i use the dumpinfo sketch, it still asks for the PICC to be scanned, and so when I do nothing pops up.

Please let me know if you can help.


Dumpinfo text.txt (3.47 KB)

You connected RST to pin 5 but the code says it must be at pin 9. Either change the wiring or the code.

Hi Pylon

I have connected RTS to pin 9 and it still does not scan anything.


As you don't have an original Arduino please check if the 3V3 provides enough power for the MFRC522. The chip may draw up to 100mA. The original UNO supplies up to 150mA on 3V3, so check your's.

hello i am suffering from the same problem can you help me.i was unable to detect the rfid tag to rc522.could you please help me