Ribbon cable & connector help!

Hi. I used a 2*5 holes 0.2inches spacing ribbon cable connector from the default eagle library and ordered a board, only to find out such part doesn't exist on digikey. I am wondering if any of you guys know where I can find that specific connector. The part is called "SH5-5" under "con-rib" in eagle default library. Thanks!

Never heard of 0.2 spacing ribbon cable - do you have some?

He said 0.2 inch spacing ribbon cable -connector-. Which would require 0.1 inch spacing ribbon -cable-. Something I've seen, but not often, and not for quite a while. Much more common is 0.05 inch spacing ribbon -cable- used with 0.1 inch spacing ribbon cable -connectors-.

This place has tons of IDC ribbon connectors. www.phoenixent.com but I don't recall seeing anything but 0.05" ribbon cable, and 0.1" pitch and maybe 2mm pitch connectors. I think you're only real option is making up an adapter cable to go from 2x5 0.1" pitch pins down to the board. Chunk of this http://www.dipmicro.com/store/HDR40X2M with wires on the short side down to the board, and the long side for a regular IDC header to plug onto.

:( Okay thanks!