running 2 12v dc motors from Motor Shield

Hello i bought DK Electronics motor shield with 4dc motor controlling power ,, to power my dc motors, i tried powering from external battery with 24v and end up burning 2 capacitors of motor shield .. when i verified it was 2 16v 100um.. then i replaced those capacitors with 2 25v 100um .. Now when i power motor shield with 12v battery .. the output power of the shield is showing 5v only and motors are not getting sufficient power ..

Now My question is what im suppose to do .. should i change the motor shield and buy which provide 12v output to motors .. or im i doing something wrong here

im basically from computer background don't know much about electronic . so looking for help .. i just want to run 2 dc motors of 12v .

Why apply 24 volts to 12V motor? How much current do the motors require and is the motor shield rated for that current? Can you post links to the shield and motors?

I got this shield as well.. it's a copy (apparently not a good one) of adafruit's older motor shield. link to info is here:

it's supposed to be rated 4.5-25v I would guess your motors are drawing too much current.. it can only handle 600mA per channel, with (short) peaks of 1.2A acceptable.

I've only driven mine at 12v however, so I can't say they haven't skimped somewhere and reduced the voltage rating..

assuming you haven't fried the chips, I would put on some caps of the original size, get a 12v power source and ensure your motors don't draw more than 600 mA

Good luck!