Running a pressure transducer, flow meter sensor, and an SD card on ONE ARDUINO

I have been searching the web for many hours for help and trying to find help on this subject.

I am currently working on a project where I would like to run one (or two) pressure transducers, an SD card data logger, and a flow sensor meter to help me record data for a water pump. Is this possible to run all of these components at the same time on one arduino? I do not know how the coding would need to be set up but any help (confirmation that this is possible) would be great.

Attached are pictures of the pressure transducer, SD card data logger, and the flow rate sensor meter.

Thank you!

Sounds totally viable to me.
Get them working one by one, then integrate into a whole.

You should at least say where you are.

-jim lee

It's completely possible and not particularly complex to implement.
What are you trying to do that can't be accomplished with an off the shelf data logger, though?

@cedarlakeinstruments I am trying to record all pressure & flow rate data on an SD card. Any ideas on how I can start this?

Thank you

Get them working one by one.

That didn't actually answer my question, but whatever...

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