Running out of memory

Im running out of memory using a uno, ram is not a problem.
Any solutions please. Bigger amtel obviously but wondering if there is a better solution.
I dont feel external memory is a practical solution.

Would another processor family solution be a good idea ?

So... what are you doing that is using all the memory? Are you SURE you really need more memory, or could your code be improved to not need so much? Care to post your code? We might be able to suggest some improvements that will cut down on your memory usage.

Is it a compile time problem or a runtime problem?

agree with Xpendable, => post your code (or zip it and attach)

I like 1284P boards, 128K Flash, 16K SRAM, plenty of resources.
So much so that I offer duemilanove style boards as kits or assembled boards.
Core files & pins_arduino.h are about halfway down the page.
Have been a couple of long topics in the forum the last several days on updated files, I should be updating my webpage for those pretty soon.

Im away atm but my code is small.

Various vendor supplied libraries for rf reader and various other modules are what take up most of the space.

Rf reader takes up about half, i need to scrape up about another 2 k.

Any possibility of moving a stable and well-defined part of the sketch/hardware functionality to a second chip, e.g. Tiny84/85, even a second Mega328? The two chips could then communicate by serial or i2c.


Thats a good idea.
It would work but i am trying to keep component count as low as possible.

I cant help feeling thaT the vendor libraries could be reduced considerably though, as they are fairly generic.


Yes im considering it.

Im running out of memory using a uno, ram is not a problem.

Do you mean you're running out of SRAM, or you're running out of some other type of memory - and if so, which?

Compiled sketch exceeds 32 kb programme memory.

Time for a 1284P then ...