Running SG90 Servo 24/

I am planning to create a camera tilt that use sg90 and I wanted to run it 24/7, I am just curius if the servo will break because of heat and I could not put any delay on the code because it will affect the accurately of the camera feedback.

I reckon most hobby servos are not designed for prolonged operation. Look for one with ball bearings and metal gears.

If the servo is not moving and not under load it will draw very little current so there is no risk of over heating. If the application requires continuous motion (think of a car steering wheel while you are driving on a twisty road) I don't think I would use a servo.

For long life make sure to choose a servo that has significantly more torque than the task requires so that it is never working hard.

Using a counterbalance to reduce static loads will also help.


I hope that it goes without saying that you should not power the servo from an Arduino 5V pin and you should use an external power supply

Thanks guys for your help, but I decided in conclusion to not use servo instead.

Not using a servo means that you have to implement all servo features in your circuits and code, like position determination, PID for following the setpoint, motor driver, gearbox etc. This way you'll encounter all the problems having been solved in a servo motor construction. Are you confident that you can find equivalent or better solutions for all of these?

The most critical point I can see is a possible small servo jitter under load. If you really encounter this problem with ready-made servos, you have to use a more professional servo or implement a better solution yourself. I'd give a servo a try before a head start into the dark. Then you also have a reference for the quality determination of your own constructions.

SG90 is a $4.00 servo.

If you hope to get any degree of performance from it you will obviously be disappointed.