RXB6 433Hz Receiver Sadness

Greetings All,

I’ve spent a couple days now trying to get my RXB6 to work with Arduino or ESP8266. I’m having not much luck and could use some help.

Here is the device in question:

And here is how I have it wired (data pin changed depending on library being used):

I’ve tried the following libraries:

It seems with all libraries I have the same issue, no response. A defective unit? Unlikely, I exchanged for a new unit and experience the same issues. I’ve tried different arduionos I have as well. The remote? I’ve tried several 433mhz remotes to no avail, with different distances and press times. Here’s what I’m using now:

It seems many have gotten this to work, so I’m really at a loss why I’m having so much difficulty. I’m a programmer by trade, and have experience with electronics. Any ideas for troubleshooting? Recommended libraries? Common issues?

It seems no matter what I do my serial monitor remains blank. I’ve also tried different pins, external power, antenas and different versions of Arduino IDE.

Here’s the most recent sketch I’ve tried:

* Demo for RF remote switch receiver.
* For details, see RemoteReceiver.h!
* This sketch shows the received signals on the serial port.
* Connect the receiver to digital pin 2.

#include <RemoteReceiver.h>

void setup() {
  // Initialize receiver on interrupt 0 (= digital pin 2), calls the callback "showCode"
  // after 3 identical codes have been received in a row. (thus, keep the button pressed
  // for a moment)
  // See the interrupt-parameter of attachInterrupt for possible values (and pins)
  // to connect the receiver.
  RemoteReceiver::init(0, 3, showCode);

void loop() {

// Callback function is called only when a valid code is received.
void showCode(unsigned long receivedCode, unsigned int period) {
  // Note: interrupts are disabled. You can re-enable them if needed.
  // Print the received code.
  Serial.print("Code: ");
  Serial.print(", period duration: ");

Thank you for your time.

  • Connect the receiver to digital pin 2.

Fritzing shows pin 11.



I have already tried swapping the digital pins- I should have mentioned.

We have already learned here to "never trust a Fritzing diagram picture.

Many sketches use pin2 (interrupt 0).

I doubt that a "rolling code" (car, garage door) transmitter can be displayed correctly.

Would you expect something like this to work?

I've tried x10 remotes, which claim to be 433hz. I've also tried a fan remote that's also 433hz.
I would expect the remotes even with rolling code would still show up, just with different signals each time?

A 433.92MHz fan remote, or the remote you linked to, should work with a 433.92 receiver.
Beware, 315MHz is also used.

Did you try the examples from the IDE that came with the wireless libraries you have installed?

None of those libraries will make any sense at all from a rolling code remote.
Simply because the remote is on 433 Mhz does not mean that it is decodable.
You have to know what the protocol that the remote uses, and then reverse engineer it.
Rcswitch will only decode PT2262 type protocols, so unless the keyfob uses one of these chips it wont be decoded.
The receiver is most likley working fine.
Virtualwire and Radiohead only work when they are used at both ends, and need an Arduino or equivalent at both ends.

You need to match the baud rate, modulation technique and exact channel frequency between
sender and receiver - any mismatch and you are likely to see absolutely nothing. That RX seems
to only accept OOK modulation at presumably a limited range of baud rates. Its not even got a
proper datasheet.

You can find out the details for various remotes online these days as people have reverse engineered

Thank you all.
It turns out it has been the remotes I've been trying. I bought a cheap 'wireless outlet rf kit' and the remote immediately showed up in my serial monitor.

I've ordered some new remotes to try, hopefully these work:

Since the actual issue at hand has been sorted out, let me make a suggestion: The RXB12 (the ones that cost $1 on ebay) consistently outperformed the much more expensive (and fancier looking) RXB6 when I was testing 433mhz receivers last year. They're based on the Synoxo SYN470 - though the other SYN470/480 boards performed about as well as the RXB12.

I recommend using RXB12's instead of the RXB6.

Buying random remotes and expecting to be able to decode them is risky.
Rcswitch is designed primarily for operating remote control power outlets, and it requires
a remote with a particular encoder chip in it.
This link explains a bit more about how RCswitch works and the encoder chips it supports.

I cant see anything in the link for the remote that you are buying to indicate what encoder
chip it uses.

mrzii, I had bought a few of these RXB6 on April and all of them do not work at all with those cheap FX1000A transmitters + arduino. So I bought a few of those 4 channels remote controls similar to yours and try with my FX1000A transmitters + arduino, result they all work very nice. Then I try these 4 channel remote controls on those $2 wireless relay and they also works but distance varies with performance.

But these RXB6 just do not work at all. I had even messaged the seller and manufacturer. The seller cannot help and the China manufacturer JMRTH refused to help. I had struggle many months but still cannot success. I am a newbie in this hobby so RXB6 had really disappointed me.
How did you manage to make it work? Please explain.

Please post photos of your non-working RXB6 wiring configuration. You might have missed something. Also the Fritzing you posted is at odds with the spec sheet. In the spec, the digital output is on pin 6, on the Fritzing it is pin 7.


Are you also sure you bought the correct model.
There are 2 common frequencies used, 315 and 433 Mhz , and you must have the correct receiver to match your transmitter.


I have tried the exact wiring as shown in the example below.
Moreover I tried the receiver XY-MK-5V which uses interrup0 pin2.

Both didn't work at all.
My 433 MHZ remote sends a signal.
The Output pin of both receivers toggle while pressing the remote but the serial monitor doesn't show anything. Some programs start wit a text "setup" which is displayed on the serial monitor. that works.

Is there anything else to be thought of?