Sainsmart 7" + TFT and Due - touch not working

Hello all,

I recently got a Sainsmart kit with 7" touchscreen and CTE FTF LCD/SD Shield for Arduino Due V1.04 I already had an Arduino Due laying around :-)

  • I downloaded a fresh Arduino IDE 1.6
  • I installed the latest UTFT, UTFT_Buttons, UTFT_Geometry and Utouch. (I did delete previous versions, because had those libraries installed for a 320x240 touchscreen project (works fine), and I was not sure if I made any modifications to those libraries)
  • I installed them in /krisw/Documents/Arduino/libraries (I'm on Mac OSX) (besides some other libraries I already had)
  • Pin JP2 and JP4 are shorted. All other Jumpers are "open". (JP1,JP3,JP5,JP6,JP7,JP9 and something that seems te marked "JP18" (I think this is JP10 ?))
  • I uncommented the define for the CTE_DUE_SHIELD.

The display itself works fine, and with the UTF_SdRaw (found on this forum), I'm able to read data from the SD card.(using CTE70,25,26,27,28 )

The problem is, I can't get the touchscreen to do anything :-( I already had a look at several topics on this forum, (Where Graham always provides good help) and tried almost any possible suggestion that came up in those topics. Tried with the 6,5,4,3,2 and 6,5,32,3,2 initialisations, no difference :-(

Tried the paint and calibration examples, no luck. Also tried the that Sainsmart did send me, same issue.

I hope I didn't forget any important information, if so, just ask :-) I'm beginning to doubt if I got a faulty touchscreen. Is there a way to check this ? Any other suggestions ?

thanks, Kris

Hi Kris,

First of all I am going to say what an impressive description of what you have done and tried, and kudos for using my SdRaw library!!

It is sounding as though your touch screen is indeed dead.... As you have said, several posts on this subject I have been involved in.... sorry to say, but the outcomes have been mixed at best, the only constant here with Sainsmart is you run a fair chance of some sort of problems.

The only thing you have failed to mention is whether you used an additional external AC/DC power supply, if you have, I would surmise your display is faulty, as always, return it for a refund and get a CTE display to go with your CTE shield.

Sorry I have no good news to offer.



Hi Graham,

Thanks for your answer.
I did indeed use an external 9V 1.5A power supply, I forgot to mention.
Kudos to you to, for writing that SdRaw library :slight_smile:

Contacting my Ebay seller right away …
It will take some time to get a replacement for China to Belgium, but I still have enough projects
“going on”. (RGB LED matrix 96x128 pixels, my 3th 3D printer etc …)

best regards from Belgium,


I would advocate buying from coldtears themselves, seems there are people claiming to be selling coldtears, but actually are not. This link is guaranteed!!

Depending on what your project is, you might like to consider the CPLD models, as they offer an additional functionality the SSD1963 devices do not.... It keeps your options open for future projects.




Thanks for the link. My Sainsmart PCB looks 100% exactly like that CPLD model of ColdTears, so I guess I have a CPLD model ? How can I see if I have a CPLD model or not ? Does this change anything on the possibility that I'm doing something wrong, instead of a faulty touchscreen ?

thanks, Kris


If you chose display type as CPLD, not CTE70, if it doesn't work, it is NOT CPLD.

If you also wish to argue you have Sainsmart, and it looks like CTE, there is a HUGE difference!!! The CTE WILL work..... ;)



doh should have come up with that myself ! it does indeed not work with CTE70CPLD :-) (still under heavy medication, just got back from hospital yesterday, brains still half dead, lol)

Thanks for your help, I will return my piece of Sainsmart(junk) and buy a Coldtears. (CPLD, it's just a few euro more, well spend for the paging possibilities)

thanks, Kris

Get well soon Kris!

You will not regret paying the $6 more for a REAL CTE display!! :grinning:

Best wishes,



Now I'm going to have an extra display, LOL ! I just fixed my display. I remembered that my display for my RPi project, also was the same fysical LCD & touchpanel. So, I disconnected the 4-leads ribboncable for the touchscreen part, and connected the touchscreen part of that other display ... This did work fine :-)

After inspection, I noticed a tiny hair-crack in the left lead of the 4-wire ribbon cable. I soldered a small wire where the ribbon-cable connects to the actual touchscreen part, and the other part of the wire is soldered on the connector on the PCB. Now I have a working touchscreen :-)

Because I still need several other displays, I will order a ColdTears with CPLD, because that page-flipping thingy is surely something I need in my upcomming projects.

Thanks for the help, case closed :-)

Have a happy weekend, Kris (going to celebrate Valentine with my wife now)


Good result all round! :grin:

Glad to see you have your priorities sorted............ Arduino.............Wife.........on valentines day!! :sob:

Best wishes to you both,


Lol, my wife was at work today, so I had time enough for the arduino thingies. For the moment, she is in the shower :-)

All te best for you to, Kris