SAMD51 with the Arduino IDE

I got an Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express SAMD51P20A. Unfortunately Adafruit seems to have put all their eggs in the "CircuitPython" basket, it has a UF2 bootloader and I find their docs are jumbled and I got lost to use C with this MCU. I did not see any M4 listed in the Boards Manager.

"The bootloader is also BOSSA compatible, so it can be used with the Arduino IDE which expects a BOSSA bootloader on ATSAMD-based boards"
So I have to go to the command-line with this and a few more hoops to jump through to get the .bin to work?

What is the best way to get running with the SAMD51? Or should I go with a SAMD21, it seems to have some support.

Install the adafruit “samd boards” package, and arduino will work fine...

Ah the old Boards Manager stuff is in the Preferences stuff. Thanks for that.
I installed the "samd boards" package and can find the board and compile Blink fine. :slight_smile:

The M4 board was only appearing as a USB disk drive under Win7. Not as a serial device.
Had to install Adafruit Windows drivers Windows Driver Installation | Adafruit Arduino IDE Setup | Adafruit Learning System