Save data to specific excel cells

Hi everyone,

I want to save some data from arduino to specific excel cells. Is it that possible? Did you have had previous experience on how to accomplish that?

If you are asking if there is a library or method that allows an Arduino sketch to directly update an Excel spreadsheet on a pc, then no.

But there will be ways to achieve it. They will probably not be as simple as you might be hoping.

The first questions you need to answer are: how to get the data you want out of the Arduino in a way that is accessible to the pc where you use Excel? Will the Arduino be plugged into that pc with a usb cable? What operating system does the pc use? If not usb, does the Arduino have WiFi or Ethernet connection? Can/will data be transferred from the Arduino to the pc via SD card?

The simplest method I think of would be to connect the Arduino to the pc with usb cable. The Arduino sketch could send the values to the pc using Setial.print() every few seconds just like if you were using serial monitor. In the excel sheet, you could write a VBA script to connect to the COM port (assuming Windows OS) and read the data as though it were a text file on the pc. The VBA script could extract the required values and update the correct cells.


have u tried using PLX_DAQ

hope that helps...

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Thank you both guys!! I just tested PLX_DAQ and it seems to work fine. I will test the VBA script as well. I prefere being independed from 3rd party applications