Scale project help

Hey all i am using a 400kg load cell that is running like this diagram. (step 2)

I am trying to get some readings from my unit and i get either nothing if the pins are set into the correct position. (data 3 & CLK 2). When i put the pins somewhere else and dont charge and vars i get a bunch of 0 readings.

This is my first project and I am wondering how i should trouble shoot from here. I used the HX711 library, i tried the hx711 ADC library and nothing worked. All my pins are in the correct place as per this diagram.

Somethins odd i noticed was this board HX711 has a vdd hole that i am not using . Do you think this could be the issue. Any help would be great!

What diagram?

sorry @arrg

What do you mean? By the way, my eyes always roll when I see "instructables"... it's a bad sign.

hahaha on no I have this thing all soldered up so i hope i can get it running. There is one open how next to vcc on mine, it is labeled vdd. I did not use that at all. Do you think this is the issue?

You are using a diagram that is not for the board you have? ?????????

it is not for the load cell amp i have.

...and what load cell amp DO you have?

i have a hx711 but i think it is a newer version with a vdd hole.

Please understand, that is completely insufficient information. Try to see it from our point of view. The one where we really have no details about the board.

I am using this load amp cell

with a andriuno uno and a 400kg load cell.

Sorry these questions are bad i am very new to this.

Sparkfun has some of the best documentation of all the manufacturers. Go look. Stay away from information recycling sites. Except maybe, to get inspiration or ideas.

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 5.38.11 PM

How would i tie the two red wires together? that is the part that i am missing. The vdd hole is empty currently.

Did you or did you not, check the Sparkfun documentation? It's 99.9% likely to have a better answer than you can find here.

i am looking through it now but didnt know if you knew off the top of your head. Sorry

Generally, it's awkward when you depend only on jumpers and you have to split like that. There is no one answer to that. I sometimes bridge such connections with a small wire jumper on the PCB board that needs the two pins, especially if they are adjacent.

after reading the docs it seems that i only need to use that jumper if i am chaing load cells together, I am using a single s type load cell. That being said the load cell i am trying to retro fit does not have a shield wire. That would not really be of any issue to me though i dont think.....hmmmm....

Should i just buy sparkfuns s type load cell with the shield wire?

I don't see the relevance of the shield wire. Isn't it grounded?